Friday, April 16, 2010

Career advising and life planning amidst a climate crisis

Does your career or retirement plan include a livable planet? As we and our children prepare for life's challenges, we use assumptions about how the earth will be. Are those assumptions integrating modern climate science? The warming world will differ vastly from the world of our past, in terms of sea level, agriculture, rainfall patterns, fuel and food prices and industrial activity.

How will this affect you and those close to you? How can you integrate your plans with a habitable planet's needs? We need to know if our career and retirement planning integrates modern climate science in its understanding of how the world will be.

One comprehensive and affordable web tool for career planning, SIGI3 was originally created by the Educational Testing Service, a controversial organization. (For more on the controversy, see:

The planning horizon for career and retirement planning exceeds most Western business planning by at least a factor of four. Contrast five year business planning with twenty to forty year career and retirement planning. Those of us making these plans could make ones that would be better for ourselves and for the world with integration of sane climate science in the forecast. Is this done? Do you think the question's important? I hope you'll feel welcome to comment, below: